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If you would like to know more about what I offer at Yurtopia – be it buying one of my unique coppiced yurts, learning to make one of your own, or my school courses – please feel free to get in contact through this site and I’ll be more than happy to have a chat about how I can best help you. 

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I started making my first yurt in October 2001, October 18th to be precise.

That was the date everything changed for me and my life took a right turn that has since enabled me to give up working in the building industry, which I was more than ready to do, and follow a new path that is just as exciting and fulfilling today after 16 years as it was that first winter when it was all new and untried.

I wanted to make a yurt because I had some vague idea that it might be fun to start an informal camp site, and the only way I could afford to do this was to buy a piece of land and use temporary structures to house the amenities, such as toilets, catering etc. (little could I have known the world of ‘glamping’ was just round the corner).

What I discovered was that I loved being out in the woods, cutting the saplings for the frame and for the first time in my life engaging with nature, not just passing through the land but taking an active part in it’s story as it has since then, very much done in mine.

That first year of using the yurt at festivals and parties for my own pleasure led to my first proper order to make one for someone else and by the winter of 2003 I was starting to make the move from weekend hobbiest into a new vocation. In 2006 I started renting yurts out for weddings and the such like through the summer and making them for people through the winter. This finally enabled me to give up building work once and for all – ‘Yurtopia’ was born.

The other thing that happened back in the winter of 2003 was that I got involved in helping three people to make yurts of their own. The following year I had my first proper student and since then, almost every winter I have had at least a couple of people come and spend time with me learning to make coppiced yurts.

Over the past 14 years working with yurts has taken me in many often unusual and occasionally amazing directions. I’ve met literally hundreds of fascinating people, and put up yurts in some of the most beautiful and sometimes strangest of places you could think to put a yurt. For 5 years I even ran a mobile cinema with a friend touring the South East supporting local educational and community projects.

In 2015 I reassessed where I wanted to go with Yurtopia, dropping the hire side of the business once and for all, instead focusing more on producing beautiful hand made yurts for clients, increasing the number of yurt making courses and the amount of nature-themed educational work I am doing with local schools.