Whether you want it for holidays, as a work space at home or as the location for a new mobile business, discover the pleasure and satisfaction of making a Yurt of your very own.

About the courses

My yurt making course is a relaxed enjoyable introduction to learning new woodcraft skills through teaching you how to make a yurt frame that you can be proud of and that is appropriate to both your needs and the amount of time you have to give to the project.

Because I want students to benefit as much as possible from the experience I don’t like to crowd out my workshop. I’ve come to the conclusion that it is better not to have more than two yurts being worked on or more than six people under instruction at any one time. This means there could be two students each working on their own project or anything up to six students working on the same project.

If you read on below you will see that there are a few, very important, decisions to be made before you even start to make your yurt. But whether you choose to go for the most basic of structure or the most complex you will still learn how to use and become comfortable with a range of traditional wood working tools such as drawknives, billhooks, bow saws and axes in a safe and un-rushed environment.

What kind of structure should you make?

If you are thinking of taking part in one of my courses then absolutely the best thing to do first is give me a call so that we can have a chat about what you hope to get from the course and how we can go about achieving it.

structure-yurtThis will give us a chance discuss the various merits of making a steam bent yurt as in the picture to the left or a straight pole ger of the type the Mongolians live in and what the difference is between them. Doing this means that before we start you will have been given the opportunity to decide which path you want to go down to get that yurt of your dreams in a realistic period of time.

In previous years I have concentrated solely on teaching students to make steam bent yurts from saplings coppiced from nearby woodland. The end result of this is a beautiful Yurt where every pole is unique and represents both the history of the land it is cut from and of the sapling itself. But making even a small yurt this way can take a very long time to complete and because of the demands that life places upon us it is not unusual for students to take well over a year to complete their first yurt. Choosing to make the Mongolian style of Yurt is both quicker and simpler and if you are looking for a structure to use for short periods such as festivals then I think they are fine for purpose in the UK. However, if you are planning to have a yurt up for months at a time or longer then the steam bent yurts definitely deal better with the UK’s sometimes iffy weather.

So as you can see, knowing what you want before you start the course is really a bit of a must.

The course and you

The course is four days long and is split in to two sessions of two days each with a week in-between to allow for the poles we have steamed at the end of the first session to dry properly and hold their shape.

Usually my courses run on week days, however if this is a problem I’m happy to schedule in a couple of weekend sessions through the winter. For dates of my established courses please see the top right hand side of this page.

The course days will begin a 9 a.m. And finish around 5 p.m. with a break for lunch when a suitable moment presents itself. If you are local to Brighton then I’ll be more than happy to pick you up on the way to the workshop. If you are from outside the area then picking you up from one of the local train stations in Hove, Brighton or Hassocks is also no problem. (Please bear in mind that collection times will be arranged for us to arrive at the workshop at 8.45 latest, so if I am picking you up from Brighton it could be at 8.15 or earlier. It is essential for you to be punctual on these occasions)

If you are coming by car then there is a limited amount of parking available and I am based on Underhill lane, approximately half a mile from the village of Clayton in West Sussex. Full details of how to get to me will be given after you’ve signed onto the course.

All the tools that you will need to finish the course will be supplied however if you would like to buy some of your own tools in advance then let me know and I will give you as much advice as possible towards your buying the right types of tool for your yurt making needs.

I shall be instructing you on good working practices and health and safety as we go through the course but please bring your common sense head with you as there is no better tool to keep you safe on the day.

* Please note this is a yurt frame making course and no instruction is given in making a canvas for your yurt. However, I am more than happy to recommend a canvas maker to you that I have been working along side for the past seven years.

Course dates 2016/17

Because I am in the process of opening a workshop in Greece course dates in the UK for the coming winter won’t be starting untill the beginning of November.

Course 1: November 5th/6th and 12th/13th

Course 2: January 21st/22nd and 28th/29th

Course 3: March 4th/5th and 11th/12th

The above course dates are all weekends. If it is more convenient for you to participate in a course during the week this can be also arranged if there is enough notice.


The charge for the 4 day course is £650 for one person

If you would like to work on your yurt with one or more friends there is an extra charge of £75 per person for anybody else working on the same frame during that course.

So if there were three of you coming on the course to work on the same yurt the total course cost is £800 for four days.

It may well be that you feel the need to come back to me for an extra day to work on a door for your yurt or to do some more steaming (this is pretty much essential if you are making a bentwood yurt of any size or a machined wood yurt of 16′ diameter or larger)

4 day course £650 p.p.
Extra days if required, priced per day
Individuals £150
Pairs working on the same Yurt £200

*Prices include VAT