Thanks again for great fun and loads of new skills and information offered up with charm and great expertise, not to mention patience!’

Rachel Osorio
Student on yurt making course

Matt works with his hands AND his heart, generously sharing his deep understanding of working with wood in his little piece of paradise in Stanmer. His yurts reflect this quirky but respectful attitude to nature and it is this knowledge that he conveys with such skill as a tutor. He taught our group of complete beginners how to make a yurt so successfully that within a year we’d finished. We love our yurt SO much that we’ve started another…

Sue Craig
Student on yurt making course
Working with Matt was a great experience, he is able to share his woodland wisdom in a friendly open way which made the whole build really enjoyable.
I now have a beautiful 16ft hand built yurt which I am using for gatherings with friends and family. Everyone loves being in this special space!

Sharon Clifton, Brighton
Student on yurt making course

‘Matt, I must say is a bit like a modern Nomad, fun and inspirational to work with: give him a BBQ dish, he’ll make it into a forge; a waste gas pipe, into a wood streamer. If you want to learn the process of yurt making from coppicing your own wood to having a yurt as the finished product, Matt is your man!’

Hong Dam
Student on yurt making course
“The yurt was one thing that really made the naming day extra   special. It gave such a warm and wonderful feeling to the ceremony,  very intimate and comfortable. It was such an amazing space, it has   real magical qualities.”

Debbie Lewis
Hired yurt for their son’s naming day
Refreshing, irreverent and mysterious.  The yurts conjured up the perfect atmosphere for us to relax, unleash our creativity and explore collaborative solutions.  A rendezvous in yurts within Soho Square Gardens at the end of a November might sound like a crazy idea but it worked brilliantly.  The Yurtopia/Futureroots team were a pleasure to work with as well and their help and efficiency really exceeded our expectations.

Samantha De Siena ‘Agents of Awareness’
With whom we became the first company to erect Yurts in Soho Square
At Eastbrook Primary we decided we wanted to make our library look a bit different. Our first thought was to create some simple reading tents, that was until Matt got involved! Instead of several small spaces we now have an incredible reading yurt. The children were able to watch the structure being completed and installed before their eyes with Matt explaining the different timber and processes he was using and why. We now have a functional and aesthetically pleasing space that we are all very proud of and that our students love using. If anyone is thinking of building a wooden structure either indoors or outside in the grounds and would like to see what Matt has done for us, you would be welcome to visit our school and see our yurt.’
Julia Sherlock
Headteacher Eastbrook Primary
Matt spent 2 weeks with us at our home in France building a green wood workspace and showing us how to use it to make our yurt. We keep showing off our yurt building experience to friends and we are so happy that we did it.  You are really a great teacher and guided us gently through the process! More More More!!!!

Meg & Colin Mcdowell
Student on yurt making course
Many thanks to you for a really excellent two days on your yurt making course – it was really enjoyable and informative with full hands on experience of everything I was hoping to find out about. I know you tailored the course content to suit my needs which I really appreciate. The yurt that you helped me finish is now down in Wales and I’m planning to live in it while I work on an eco project down there.

Many thanks again, Matt and wishing you all the best.

Student on yurt making course
“This wonderfully natural space was the perfect place to spend our wedding celebration night. It was warm and airy, spacious but protective and made us feel very special. Awakening in the morning to see the light coming through the beautiful dome structure was the most amazing experience. I lay marvelling at it for a very long time!”

Rae Wilkinson
Spent her honeymoon night in our 12’ Yurt
“Yurtopia… their beautiful and stunning yurts have consistently brought an extra ‘wow’ factor to my presence on the festival trading circuit. Creating such a unique ambience, this wonderful environment — provided with a service that is second to none — can only compliment whatever is to be displayed within. You may see many yurts, but the meticulous attention to detail here is unparalleled… a true marriage made in heaven, Yurtopia indeed!”

Jonathan Samuel at ‘Redsails Interiors’
Been using our Yurts at festivals since 2003.
“For the past two Years Yurtopia has supported our efforts, in and around the Brighton area, to exhibit our work, much of which is 3-dimensional and all of which is aimed at bringing awareness to humanity’s physical and spiritual presence within the global environment. The Yurts that we have been lent to hold the exhibitions in really have been the perfect forum us and are totally in keeping with both our work and our ethos.”
Guy Pickford and Rafael Berrio
Whose work we love and for whom it has been a pleasure to be able to support
‘When some of our pupils were away on residential trips we asked Matt to lead some sessions for the children who were still in school. He came up with a whole programme based on the elder tree, its history, mythology and the products we get from it. The children were given a period of question and answer about trees in general, a chance to taste elderflower cordial as well as being able to make pencils from elder branches and charcoal and use them to complete art work. Matt planned the sessions himself and was able to engage all the children. We will be booking him for next year.’

Kristen Fawcett
Year 6 teacher